Program Thursday October 31, 2019

08.30 Parallel Sessions V(a), VI, VII 

Parallel session V(a) - Pelvic Girdle Pain
08.30 Parallel session VII - Exercise
08.30 Parallel session VIII - Lumbar Pain
11.00 Parallel Session VI - Epidemiology

Self-management in back pain and MSK-the new black?

Moderator: Jan Hartvigsen
15.00 Introduction
Jan Hartvigsen
15.05 What is self-management and what does it mean for patients and clinicians?
Alice Kongsted 
15.20 The Solas project: Irish initiative to support self-management for people with osteoarthritis and back pain
Deirdre Hurley Osing
15.35 GLA:D Back: Group-based patient education integrated with exercises to support self-management of people with persistent back pain
Inge Ris
15.50 Afternoon Break
16.20 SelfBack: An e-health decision support system to improve self-management for people with back pain
Paul Jarle Mork
16.35 TEXT4myBACK- The development process of a self-management intervention delivered via text message
Carolina Fritsch
16.45 Mechanisms influencing the implementation of an evidence-based program for people with low back pain- GLA:DĀ®Back
Inge Ris / Jan Hartvigsen
16.55 Discussion
17.10 Closing Ceremony & Poster Prizes