Program Tuesday October 29, 2019

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Exercise interventions : Balancing between a specific and general approach
Moderators: Lieven Danneels and Ted Dreisinger
08.25 Introduction
Lieven Danneels
08.30 Spinal function classification framework for non-specific low back pain: A Delphi survey of academic experts and clinicians
Liba Sheeran 
08.50 Effects of skill training in functional activities versus strength and flexibility exercise in people with chronic low back pain 
Linda van Dillen
09.10 Specific and general exercises: how and for whom?
Lieven Danneels
09.30 The evolving case supporting individualised physiotherapy for low back pain
Jon Ford
09.50 Movement Break
09.55 Effectiveness of cognitive functional therapy compared with multidisciplinary pain rehabilitation in patients with chronic disabling low back pain 
Henrik Bjarke Vaegter
10.15 Problem solving and applied spinal exercise prescription in performance sport
Simon Spencer
10.35 Discussion
10.50 Morning Break

Connective tissue matters: The role of fascia in lumbo-pelvic pain and stability

Moderators: Robert Schleip & Carla Stecco
11.20 Introduction
Robert Schleip 
11.25 Fascial stiffness regulation: new insights and potential impact on lumbo-pelvic stability 
Robert Schleip 
11.45 Anatomical continuities of thoracolumbar fascia
Carla Stecco
12.05 Nociceptive capacity of the thoracolumbar fascia 
Andreas Schilder
12.20 Can manual therapy focus on the thoracolumbar fascia? An evidence-based ultrasonic exploration 
Fernández de las Penas 
12.35 Lunch Break & Poster Presentations
13.35 Bilateral real time ultrasound analysis of thoracolumbar fascia during breathing, slow and fast walking
Tuulia Luomala
13.45 Self-Myofascial Release for chronic low back pain and stress: A controlled clinical trial 
Christopher-Marc Gordon 
13.55 A pragmatic study comparing Fascial Manipulation ® and “general” physical therapy for those with low back pain related diagnoses 
Julie Ann Day
14.05 Discussion
14.20 End Discussion


Begin Parallel Sessions I, II, III
14.30 Parallel session I - Anatomy
14.30 Parallel session II - Motor Control
14.30 Parallel session III  (a) - Prevention and Education
15.45 Afternoon Break
16.15 Parallel Sessions I, II, III (b) continue
17.00 Discussion and Closure