Program Wednesday November 2, 2016

Connecting tissues: The role of fascia in lumbopelvic pain and stability - Sands A
Moderators: Robert Schleip & Carla Stecco
08.00 Introduction
Robert Schleip
08.05 Role of fascia in non-specific low back pain
Carla Stecco
08.25 Role of fascial contractility and fascial nociception in low back pain
Robert Schleip
08.45 Myofascial chains revisited - Review of several suggested force transmission lines from evidence oriented
perspective and with special focus on low back stability
Jan Wilke
09.05 Sono-elastography: Real time measure of elastic properties of the lumbar fasciae in idiopathic
low back and pelvic girdle pain
Wolfgang Bauermeister
09.25 Interdisciplinary fascia therapy in chronic low back pain: An examination of therapy process and outcome at 18 months
Christopher Gordon
09.40 Do exercises with the foam roll have a short term impact on the thoracolumbar fascia?
Annika Griefahn
09.55 Discussion
10.15 Morning Break
Emerging new treatments in low back pain
10.45 Antibiotic and laser treatment in patients with chronic low back pain and Modic changes
Hanne Albert
11.10 New directions for laser therapy
Jan Bjordal
The clinical practice how, why and what do we do, and how do we improve - Sands A
Moderators: Hanne Albert & Bart Koes
11.35 Introduction
Hanne Albert
11.40 Barriers to health care professional adherence to clinical guidelines for the management of LBP
Susan Slade
12.00 Can a tailored guideline implementation strategy change physiotherapy practice? 
Maria Larsson
12.20 What is really important for patients when they encounter a chiropractor: How do they evaluate the treatments
Corrie Myburgh
12.40 Lunch Break & Poster Session
13.40 How an app can assist the physiotherapist in patients with herniation surgery
Servan Rooker
13.55 Healthy lifestyle behaviour reduces the risk of long duration troublesome low back pain
Eva Skillgate
14.10 Can ultrasound help the clinician in more precise palpation?
Greg Kawchuk
14.25 Discussion
14.45 End Discussion
14.55 Parallel Session III & IV
15.40 Afternoon Break
16.30 Parallel Session III & IV
17.20 Discussion and Closure