The Pelvic Fundamental Patterns: Missing in action in low back and pelvic pain disorders:  A new paradigm to aid the rehabilitation of spino-pelvic pain disorders
Presenter: Josephine Key PT  (1/2 day – afternoon) 

Maximum number of participants: 40

Please bring a yoga mat or towel

The Key Approach is a unique, innovative evidence informed therapeutic exercise method for spinal rehabilitation. This model describes the common neuro-myofascial-skeletal dysfunctions observed in people with spinal and related pain disorders. Central to this model is the re-establishment and integration of ‘key’ phrases of physiological movements – the Fundamental Patterns (FPs).

Empirical evidence delineates that these 4 groups of natural, basic motor patterns provide the foundations of healthy spinal control.

The Pelvic FPs modulate the shape and volumes of the pelvis allowing it to both move freely in space yet provide a stable, adaptable base of support for the spine and hips. The pelvis bears load and is a movement conduit between the upper and lower body.  The Pelvic FPs enable the spine to gain its neutral lordosis and ‘lift’, initiate weight shift through the pelvis and multidimensional movements from the base of the spine. Their effective control imparts both elasticity and stability to the pelvic ring and contributes to effective function in the postural, continence and breathing mechanisms. Importantly, they also protect the spine while stretching.

Control of the Pelvic FPs is predictably deficient in spino-pelvic pain populations.

Re-establishing and re-integrating these into movement restores the client’s spino-pelvic function, eases pain, promotes freedom of movement, and a return to more optimal, integrated systems function.

This workshop will offer the practitioner a pathway to enhance their rehabilitation skills. It will highlight how simple clinical observation and basic functional movement tests can reveal the common compensatory motor patterns in patients with spino-pelvic pain disorders. It will also demonstrate the various roles of each of the Pelvic FPs in aspects of healthy spino-pelvic control and allow participants to actively experience each of the 4 Pelvic FPs and how to integrate these into movement

Re-establishing the Pelvic FPs offers a more tailored approach to exercise therapy in redressing the functional deficits in client with pelvic girdle and low back pain - and provides the necessary tools for clients to self-regulate, become more active and self-reliant in functioning well without pain.

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About the presenter: Josephine is a neuro-musculo-skeletal physiotherapist, educator and author. She established Edgecliff Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal Centre in Sydney in 1985. Her major interest has been in developing an improved understanding and more effective rehabilitation of spinal pain syndromes.

She has distilled the relevant research and integrated this into her practice. In pursuit of best practice she has also examined, road tested and both incorporated and discarded aspects of countless therapies and exercise systems - gradually evolving a clinical model of musculoskeletal function/dysfunction.