SCORES Back Care Program: Assessment and retraining of the stabilizing muscles of the Spine
Presenter: Felicity Kermode, Dinesh Verma, Monika Verma (full day)

Maximum number of participants: 50

Core Muscle weakness is a major contributor to Chronic and Recurrent back pain. Several research publications have highlighted the Need of correct muscle strengthening techniques and its role in gaining strength and preventing recurrence is Invaluable. Imaging ultrasound is getting much wider acceptance among the professionals as a critical tool to be able to visualize the muscle and be able to teach the patient in a real time biofeedback manner. This intensive 1 day workshop is targeted to professionals who wish to gain knowledge in recent developments on Core Stabilization development techniques using SCORES system incorporating REAL TIME IMAGING ULTRASOUND and integrated Pressure biofeedback application techniques. The program will provide hands on – practical learning opportunity to enable practitioners to learn these skills.

About the presenters: 

  • Felicity Kermode, PT, MPhty:  Felicity is a Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapist and is the Clinical Director of Move Well Pty Ltd that own and manage 14 private physiotherapy practices in Perth, Western Australia. She also works closely with elite sporting populations and chronic pain patients in the management and rehabilitation of spinal, hip and pelvic injuries. Felicity has taught real‐time ultrasound imaging to physiotherapists in Australia and throughout Asia for over twelve years and has used this tool for research purposes that has made to several International publications. 
  • Monika Verma, PT, MCSP, MSPA is the Managing Director Physio Asia Therapy Centre, Singapore.  She has over 25 years of clinical experience and has always had special interest in Back and neck pain and postural problems. She has been very actively involved in the development of the SCORES‐ back care program which involves a combined use of Realtime ultrasound and Achievo core stability trainer. She has been conducting the SCORES‐ spinal core stability program training since 2011,around the SE region, Korea and India for physiotherapists and physicians in rehab settings.