Project Description

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist (FACP);
Olympic Physiotherapist (FSMA);
Masters of Sport Physio (AIS/UC)

Active Rehabilitation Consultant; Author.

Trish is a skilled Australian Physiotherapist with over 30 years’ experience. She completed both a Post Graduate Sports Physiotherapy Masters and Specialisation exams and is now a Sports Physiotherapy Specialist in the hip & lumbo-pelvic region. Trish has been involved with Australian sporting teams at the National, World Championship and Olympic level. In 2018 Trish help head up and oversee the Commonwealth Games Polyclinic situated within the Games village which saw in excess of 200 athletes per day.

Trish lectures extensively in the areas of diagnosis and rehabilitation of lumbar-pelvic and hip regions with emphasis on differential diagnosis and effective manual treatment and exercise prescription. She has developed online learning recourses” A Graduate differential diagnosis Roadmap series” in conjunction with the APA. In 2020 Trish launched a 12 -month online “Graduate and interactive learning series” involving live webinars with face to face and internet audience. Series covers lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, pelvis and hip kinematics assessment/treatment and exercises.

Trish has also been involved with a low back pain research team with articles published in British Journal of Sports Medicine. She is currently collaborating with research bodies and Medical specialists investigating effective treatment interventions for lumbo pelvic pain and hip muscle recruitment in exercise.

Trish continues to work clinically and is the Director of “Take Control Active Rehabilitation” in Sydney, a specialised spinal and sport rehabilitation centre. Her ability to combine extensive clinical experience, latest research, detailed biomechanical and anatomical knowledge led her to create the BOUNCE Back system of active rehabilitation. She is currently the Director of Bounce Back Active Rehabilitation Systems (    

In April 2014 Trish’s first book was published to empower the individual to take positive steps to overcome low back and neck pain: “The Back Pain Personal Health Plan: Bounce back Edition” at or download an extract.

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