Project Description

Britt Stuge

Britt Stuge is an academic researcher from Oslo University Hospital.  She is a specialized physiotherapist in women’s health and works part time in clinical practice for patients with pelvic girdle pain.

Since 2006 she has served as a senior researcher at the Division for Neuroscience and Musculoskeletal Medicine, Oslo University Hospital, supervising health professionals for master’s degrees and PhD studies.

Britt has been a member of EEC Cost Commission Group, for European guidelines for pelvic girdle pain, and a member of the Norwegian Bone & Joint Decade’s 2000- 2010 professional group. She has published many book chapters and numerous research articles relating to pelvic girdle pain. Including a hindex of 25 articles, 67 co-authored publications.  Throughout her career she has lectured internationally and her work has been honored with two International and six National awards.